Clifford Alarm Accessories
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Clifford 504C Dual Stage Shock Sensor

  • Dual stage shock sensor
  • Shock and impact triggers
  • Warn-away and full alarm response
  • Easy installation
  • Can be added to any alarm system
  • Ideal protection of windows tires and other intrusion

Clifford 514C 6-Tone Siren

  • Clifford Soft Chirp siren
  • Programmable chirps and sound
  • Can be fitted into smaller engine compartment
  • Can replace or interface with any existing alarm 

Clifford 515C Smart Self Powered Siren


Installation Manual

Thieves' Worst Enemy. The world's most advanced and dependable siren for G5 systems. Its built-in battery allows this siren to keep on wailing even if the wires are cut! And its G5 Digital ComLink will detect wire tampering that thieves use to bypass other battery-backed sirens. Its smart charging system won't drain your car battery like other sirens of this type. It will even warn you if the internal battery charge is very low. No override keys are needed like other such sirens. Provides Personalized Siren Sounds even on Clifford G5 security systems lacking that feature (selecting from among 15 different sounds via CliffNet Wizard.)

  • Smart Self-Powered siren
  • Clifford G4/G5 series
  • Self-Charging back-up battery
  • Can interface with any existing alarm

Clifford 518C Medallion 2 siren

  • Clifford Medallion 2 siren
  • G4 and G5 Series
  • Can be fitted into smaller engine compartment
  • Can replace or interface with all G4 G5 alarm 

Clifford 620C Clifford Electro-Luminescent Indicator

The optional brilliant blinking “E-L Badge” from Clifford calls attention to itself (especially at night) and conveys a powerful message to would-be car thieves: “This vehicle is protected by Clifford– better leave it alone and try to steal someone else’s car instead!”
  • Blinking Clifford EL Badge
  • Can replace or used with Alarm LED
  • Can be interface with any alarm system

Clifford 903010 Cliffnet Wizard Programming Kit

  • Clifford Smart Window Module
  • Open, Close or Vent Function
  • Selectable Programming Via Cliffnet Wizard (905255)

Clifford 905010 Wizard Data Port Extension Cable

  • Clifford Data Port Extension Cable
  • To be used with Cliffnet Wizard Kit Pro (905255)

Clifford 905015 Wizard Programming Port Cable

  • Clifford Programming Port
  • To be used with Cliffnet Wizard Kit Pro (905255)

Clifford 905020 G4/G5 Valet Switch

  • Clifford G4/G5 Valet Switch
  • Pre-Wired Plain View 2

Clifford 905255 Cliffnet Wizard Pro Programming Kit

  • Clifford Cliffnet Wizard Pro Programming Kit
  • Program All Clifford Systems Features
  • Include Instructions, CD and Cables

Clifford 905311 Dual Zone Proximity Sensor


Installation Manual

This digital signal processing (DSP) radar sensor's outer perimeter warning zone provides an invisible shield up to a foot outside the closed windows and convertible top. The interior zone instantly blasts the full alarm if someone leans into the passenger compartment. Especially recommended for convertibles and other soft-sided or open vehicles.

  • Dual zone proximity sensor for Clifford G4 and G5 alarm systems
  • Remote control sensitivity adjustments
  • Ideal protection for convertibles and open top vehicles

Clifford 909005 Intellistart 4


Installation Manual

Suitable for manual and automatic gearboxes, IntelliStart allows you to start the car before you get in. In the summer you can use IntelliStart to cool the car down via its air conditioning and in the winter, use IntelliStart to warm both the engine and interior. Just the touch of a button starts the engine, but leaves the doors still locked and the alarm still on.

  • Clifford Remote Start Module
  • Can be Plugged Directly into Clifford Systems

Clifford 909235 Super Bright Blue LED

  • Clifford Super bright blue LED
  • Can replace the none-bright red LED
  • Clifford bazle included